Artificial and Natural Nail Care

Please add $5 to any Nail Service for French polish.


Our Spa Manicure   $22

A “Hand Facial”...not only do we shape and buff the nails, take care of the cuticles and polish, we also use our very own sugar scrub to exfoliate your hands. A special blend of oils and vitamins massaged into your arms and hands along with our luxurious lotion from the elbow to the fingertips relaxes away the days tension. 


Shape & Polish   $18

We shape and buff the nails, attend to the cuticles

then massage our luxurious lotion from your elbow to your
fingertips. Topped with your favorite color!  



Shellac "2 Week" Spa Manicure   $38

Our fabulous spa manicure combined with the latest innovation on the market.  Top your manicure with a polish that combines the unique qualities & durability of gel with the ease of regular nail polish.  Shellac is not colored gel, nor is an artificial enhancement. It is simply a polish that creates a chip free, shiny lasting coat of color.  Safe & easy to remove with no damage done to the natural nail.


Full Set (silk, glass, acrylic, gel)   $50
We offer the latest innovations on the market for artificial extensions. Famous for our very own creation, “Glass” nails, the procedure is exclusive to our spa. The goal of all of our artificial extensions is a thin, natural looking nail with no line of demarcation even after 2 weeks. Our professional technicians will help you choose the right product for your nails.

(for permanent French or Natural Gel add $10)

Maintenance/Fill (includes 1 repair)   $28

Artificial nails need to be properly maintained. We recommend bi-weekly visits to ensure their look and strength. We stay on top of replacing the nails so as to keep them fresh and clean looking all the time, new product is applied each visit and of course your favorite color is applied after an arm and hand massage! Gel add $5


Natural Nail Wraps $32

Your choice when your natural nail is long, but chips and peels a lot. The product on top ensures long lasting polish and helps nails feel stronger. Gel on Natural (1st Time) add $13.



Specialty Manicures

Please add $5 to any Manicure for French polish.


Paraffin Manicure   $32

One of our specialty manicures, you enjoy all the steps of our spa manicure, along with the paraffin treatment. Using soft collagen crème mask your hands are then dipped into warm lanolin paraffin wax. This is an extremely deep conditioning treatment. Wonderful for the colder weather and for soothing arthritic hands.


Sea Mud Manicure   $32

One of our specialty manicures, you will enjoy all of the steps of our spa manicure,

along with a cooling sea mud mask. Sea mud has wonderful purifying qualities

leaving your hands silky.


Spa Hand Treatment   $10

Our sugar scrub to exfoliate, oil and lotion
massage from your elbow to your fingertips. A nice addition to another service.


Paraffin Treatment   $12

Our sugar scrub to exfoliate, oil and lotion
massage from your elbow to your fingertips then we moisturize with soft collagen crème applied to your hands, afterwhich you are dipped in warm lanolin paraffin wax. Warm mitts add the perfect touch to ease away the days tension. 

Wonderful for arthritic or “ hard working” hands!


Manicure for Men   $18 
Nails and cuticles will be groomed then rough hands are exfoliated and placed in a Vitamin oil and warm water soak. A final step of deep conditioning lotion is applied.


Children’s Manicure (under 12)   $16

We soak their hands, shape, clean & buff the nails as well as apply a light lotion massage on the hands. Pick from our special fun colors. and get 2 nails with a hand painted picture! Have your daughter’s “spa” birthday with us! 




Please add $5 to any Pedicure for French polish.


Mini Pedicure (Basic pedi - 30 min)   $30

A perfect treat when time is a concern… Soak in a warm foot bath as we shape and buff your nails and pumice dry heals. Enjoy a luxurious lotion massaged from your knee down to your tip toes. Your favorite polish completes your spruce—up! 


Spa Pedicure (50 min)   $48

Start with a soothing footbath, scented lightly with essential oil, then your toe nails are shaped and buffed ,cuticles are attended too and rough heels are pumiced. Then comes the best part! Using our very own almond sugar scrub, your legs and feet are exfoliated and scented vitamin oil followed by luxurious lotion massaged gently from your knees to the tip of your toes. Pick your favorite color and kick back, this service is extremely relaxing! (pedi slippers are provided!)


Paraffin Pedicure (60 min)   $62

Our wonderful spa pedicure plus! Relax while soothing soft collagen crème mask is massaged into your tired feet, then warm lanolin paraffin wax is gently poured over them. As you sit and absorb the healing affects of the paraffin, you are wrapped in a cozy blanket and offered hot cocoa! You won’t leave cold, we provide pedi socks with this

fabulous wintry treat! (available all year)


Soothing Citrus Soak Pedicure (60min)   $56

This escape is unforgettable! Start with a soothing citrus milk bath adorned with orange and lemon slices. Enjoy a deliciously scented lemongrass sugar scrub to exfoliate sun dried legs. Sea mud is applied then washed away gently with hot towels wrapped around your feet. Next we massage a citrus vitamin oil then mango lotion from your knees to the tip of your toes! Your favorite color tops this exclusive service. If you forget your flip flops, don’t worry, we provide pedi slippers too! (available May 1- Sept 1)


Toe Nail Polish Change   $20

A quick shape and buff of the toe nails then we paint them 

with your favorite color!


Children's Pedicure (age 12 & under)   $25

Soak in a hot foot bath with a relaxing scent. 

The nails are shaped and buffed, then lotion is gently massaged on the legs and feet. Pick from our “fun” polishes and 2 nails are hand painted with the design of your choice. 



Skin Care

Treat yourself to one of our relaxing Facials while promoting clear,

healthy skin and slowing the aging process.


Spa Facials (1 hour )   $65

This treatment is a full hour of pure relaxation. Your skin is cleansed and analyzed so as to design your facial especially for your needs. Hot towels steam your face while we massage your arms, hands and feet, then place them in warm mitts. After a wonderful face Massage, you’ll be toned before applying a special mask. What makes this treatment unique is that your neck, back and arms are now massaged while your mask sets along with receiving a scalp massage to melt

away any of the days stress! Warning, this may become addictive as well as beneficial! 


Skin Renewal Facial (anti-aging, 60 min)   $85

A deep moisturizing treatment designed to rejuvenate dry/maturing skin.  Specially formulated products work to slow the skins aging process while promoting healthy, glowing skin as well as plump up fine lines and deeper surface wrinkles. An exclusive DNA treatment acts like a liquid “face lift” all while enjoying an luxuriously relaxing treatment! 


Rejuvenating Facial (30 min)   $40

A perfect way to maintain the cleansing, conditioning benefits of our facial, without too much fuss. A shortened version of our spa facial. A great choice when time is of the essence.


Cleansing Facial (Problematic Skin) (45 min)   $50
A deep cleansing facial targeted at clearing blemished or problematic skin. After cleansing and extracting problem areas we Use specially formulated products that can help promote healthy, glowing skin. All while still enjoying a relaxing treatment! 



Lip, Chin or Brow   $10



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